Welcome To The Dominion Femdom, Second Life's Premier Femdom Organization, established October 17, 2008.

The Dominion is an international femdom community, owned and managed by dominant women. Women rule.

Below you'll find the rules for conduct. More detailed information is available inworld. We suggest you read all of the information provided at the first available opportunity.

Please enable voice if possible, even if only to hear. We use it extensively.



-All males and female submissives must kneel and are expected to be polite and deferential. This includes addressing all dominant women with their preferred title (Miss generally works but read profiles and ask). Ask permission before IMing a lady or kneeling at her feet.

-Dommes, we also expect you to be polite. All forms of D/s interaction must be consensual. If you haven't negotiated it, domination, humiliation, name calling, etc. are not appropriate.

-Only real life females may dominate at Dominion. Transgendered ladies are included in our definition of "real life females."

-Ladies who switch are very welcome, but we ask you to either choose to dominate or submit here consistently and do the other elsewhere. Common sense please - if you're going to dominate, please consider hiding your collar and having SOMETHING about being a switch/dominant in your profile.

-No prostitution or financial domination. Please remove all tags or titlers referring to such. We have nothing against it, but we don't do it here.

-No child avatars, weapons, or disruptive attachments/behaviours, etc. Our staff will determine what we consider to be a child avatar, weapon, or disruption and will let you know if there is an issue. If you are unsure, ask.

-Subs are not allowed to be nude unless instructed by a dominant woman in his or her company. Ladies, if you wish to leave your sub nude on sim as part of a punishment, please contact a staff member to see if it is possible.

-Commonly accepted BDSM etiquette applies: respect collars. Don't interfere with a scene. Contact a lady if you have an issue with her owned submissive.

-The Dominion supports safe, sane, and consensual play (SSC) as well as risk aware consensual kink (RACK). Play safe and be responsible.

More detailed info is available in our Rules and Info notecard inworld.



We have a visitor tag if you would like some extra time to read the rules and check out the community. Our visitor tag is not for opting out of our rules, but rather to give you some time to orient yourself and see what our community has to offer.

-You can wear the visitor tag for two hours.
-Males must address all dominant women with their preferred title.
-Polite and respectful behaviour is expected.
-Visitors must stand out of the way of general interaction and observe. You are welcome to ask questions and greet, but if you want to participate in the activities, please remove your visitor tag and adhere to the sim rules.

Visitor tags can be found at our public landing point and at our info wall in The Courtyard.



Contact a staff member. A complete list of our staff is available on the info wall by the main seating area in our Courtyard. Look for "DOMINION STAFF," "DOMINION DOYENNNE," or "DOMINION LIAISON" tags. Please respect the time and energy of our hardworking and all-volunteer staff.

Have a question, suggestion, complaint or concern? Please send a NOTECARD to a staff member or to the First Mistress, Evangeline Eames.



Website: www.DominionFemdom.com

Blog: http://dominionfemdom.blogspot.com

Confessions Blog: http://femdomconfessions.blogspot.com

Fetlife: https://fetlife.com/groups/10402

Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/DominionFemdom

Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/groups/dominionfemdom/

Welcome To The Dominion Femdom!